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Frequently asked questions answered.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

What type of brands do you use?

The brands I use give the best results for each skin type. No two bride's are the same and the products I use are determined during the trial. The brands I use help keep your makeup on for as long a possible under different environments, come rain or shine. When choosing which brands to use for bridal makeup there are a number of things I look for; long lasting, waterproof, good range of colours, quality, and cruelty free.
Here are a few of the brands I use: Charlotte Tilbury, Armani Beauty, Mac, Urban Decay and many more. The brands I use for skin care are; Elemis, Body shop, and more. I look for brands that are cruelty free, offer vegan products and quality makeup and skin care. 

I also cater for hypoallergenic ski types.

Do you cater for sensitive or problem probe skin?

As a qualified beautian as well as a qualified MUA I use my knowledge of different skin types to advise on the best products for your skin and match to suit you. By assessing your skin and asking some questions about your own skin care routine, I match the best products for you so that your skin is looking its very best on the day of your wedding. Makeup doesn't just start with the makeup it starts with the skin underneath, getting the basics right really helps the makeup last and last. For example if you are very sensitive and need hypoallergenic makeup and skin care I can provide for this.

How do I secure the booking for my wedding makeup and when do other payments need to be paid by?

Once a quote has been sent to you via email and you have confirmed that you wish to book, I will send over the consultation form. Within this consultation form is the agreement form which is filled out and signed by you electronically. This is automatically sent when submitted to Confirmation that the form and payment deposit has been received will be confirmed to you via email. As part of the agreement form it states as part of the booking process there is a deposit of £50 payable when the form is submitted to secure the date of your wedding, or the makeup application date. This is a non refundable deposit. You have 3 days to cancel from the date that the consultation and agreement form is submitted to cancel, during the 3 day grace period if you cancel the £50 deposit will be refunded. You will receive a confirmation of cancelation via email from: Once you receive a confirmation email that your makeup service is cancelled then your deposit of £50 will be refunded into the account at which the deposit was paid at the time of signing the consultation and agreement form i.e. if you paid by bank transfer it will be refunded by bank transfer.  

If the service is cancelled after the 3 days grace period from the date of the consultation and agreement form being submitted, the deposit becomes non refundable. The full payment and remaining balance needs to be paid 14 days prior to the booked wedding date. 

You have until 28 days prior to the date of the wedding to fully cancel the makeup service. If additional payment other than the £50 deposit is paid the additional payment shall be refunded minus the £50 deposit which is non refundable.

How far do you travel?

I cover Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Newark, and Ilkeston areas. I cover a 5 mile radius from my base in Arnold Nottingham, without charge after this I charge 45p per mile. (Subject to fuel price charges) 

What method of payment do you accept?

Bank transfer, or cash payment is accepted without charge. There is a 2% charge for use of card machine or online card payment.

Do you charge extra for Sunday or bank holiday wedding makeup?

No, the cost is the same so there is no premium costs for bank holidays or Sunday weddings. 

Can I add extra people to my wedding makeup booking after the initial booking?

Yes, the extra cost will be added to you final bill.

The final bill is sent to your email address that is provided in the agreement form.

What if I need to reduce the number of people for makeup?

You can do this up to 14 days of the date of the wedding. A new quote with price adjustment will be added to the final balance. The final balance will be sent to you to confirm the price to pay. All payment must be paid 14 days prior to the date of the wedding.

What if I need to cancel?

You have up to 28 days prior to the wedding date to fully cancel the makeup service. Any payment made up to 27 days prior to the date of the wedding will be refunded back to you, excluding the £50 deposit which remains non refundable. The £50 deposit is the price for the bridal trial makeup as the bride would have already had the trial before 28 days prior to the date of the wedding this becomes non refundable. 
As the service is booked in advance for the times and date a 28 day grace period prior to the date of the wedding is given to give enough time to adjust bookings. 

What if I need to re-arrange the date wedding date?

You are welcome to re-arrange the date due to unforeseen circumstances, however if you have a new date in mind I will need to check availability. Bridal bookings are done in advance and I may be booked up for the dates if you re arrange but I will always try to accommodate where possible. 

What if my makeup artist has to cancel before the wedding date or is ill on the day of the wedding?

Cancellations by the makeup artist due to unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to; problems rendering makeup artist incapable of obligations, death in the immediate family, illness including Covid 19. I will endeavour to find a suitable replacement as far in advance as possible or on the day of the wedding. If this is not possible full refund including the deposit payment will be given. Only when the makeup artist cannot perform the duties on the wedding date will the £50 deposit be refunded. Any changes will be notified to the client as soon as possible. I do all that is possible to keep to the dates agreed and will not cancel unless absolutely necessary.

I want to use some of my own makeup products is this possible?

Yes, I want you to be as comfortable as possible, so if you would like me to use particular products I am happy to do so. For me it is your big day and you being comfortable is the main aim.

I want to use some of my own makeup products is this possible?

Yes, I want you to be as comfortable as possible, so if you would like me to use particular products I am happy to do so. For me it is your big day and you being comfortable is the main aim.

I normally wear little to no makeup will I need to wear lots of makeup?

No, the aim is to enhance your best features and create a look that feels like you. Bridal and wedding makeup is all about making you look like you, but just a little more polished.

Can you do large wedding parties?

Yes. I can do up to 9 people comfortably. Depending on the time of the wedding I may need a makeup assistant or secondary makeup artist. The makeup assistant is charged at a flat rate of £70 for 7 hours, or £10 per hour. 

What is the difference between makeup assistant and secondary makeup artist?

A Makeup Assistant is there to assist me with either cleaning of brushes, to sanitize, film and take pictures general help.

A Secondary makeup artist is a second makeup artist that is there to do makeup on either flowers girls or other wedding parties. I would be the main makeup artist and will do the bride's makeup. Depending on the time of the wedding and size of the makeup party, there may be a need for a secondary makeup artist. I will inform you if either is needed.

Can I opt out of filming or having pictures taken?

Yes. The agreement states that you agree your picture to be taken for promotional purposes, social media, and any other ways for the company to use footage or photographs. However, if you don't want your picture on social media for example just let me know and I will go with your wishes. If you also choose to not be filmed on the day of the wedding this is also okay, I check on the day with all people having makeup if they wish to be filmed. 

I do check with you as well, to tell all that is having makeup done that filming may take place and should they wish not to be filmed or have pictures taken they can choose not to on the day.

Are you DBS Checked?

Yes. I am DBS checked which means I comply with the law. You may request a copy of this at any time.

Are you qualified?

Yes. I have trained as a professional MUA (Makeup Artist) in Wedding makeup. 

Do you trave to me for the makeup trial?

Yes. I travel to you and also you can come to me. We will communicate before the trial date to discuss which is best.

Do you do makeup events?

Yes. This is a sperate makeup service and charged at an hourly rate please get in touch for information.

Can you assist another makeup artist?

Yes. I am happy to assist another makeup artist as a secondary artist. The payment and agreement will be between myself and the primary makeup artist.

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